Who is the SDR behind SDR45Fotoz

Hello, I’m Stephen Rogers.


Welcome to my Website. I do Thank You for stopping by.

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Who am I? Well, first and foremost, I work in Finance for a Non-Profit organization in NYC. So, I guess you’re probably thinking, “What is a number crunching accountant doing with a photography website?” Sometimes I ask myself that same question.


Growing up, I always enjoyed taking pictures with my Kodak camera, at least when I had one. Remember the drop in cartridges? My biggest problem was getting the film developed. I liked taking family shots, friends shots, the car shows in Manhattan (Columbus Circle and The Javitz Center). My travel was limited to the East Coast, NY, NJ, MD mostly, VA on occasion. I remember taking photos of the Tall Ships from Riverside Park. Just fun things like that.


Well, after graduation from St. John’s University, I was given my first computer. The Commodore VIC20. It was what I wanted. I was an easy person to gift. I knew I wasn’t born into a rich family so I didn’t ask for a lot. And, the love in the family was very rich. 


So, needless to say this and my subsequent Commodore 64, Commodore 128 and Commodore Amiga, was not the place where photography happens. But, I could program in BASIC.


In 1998 I got my Gateway 2000 PC and shortly thereafter, my first digital camera. Now, the digital camera was meant for me. I went out and purchased a Casio less than a megapixel (MP) camera. Yes, less than an MP. But what was cool was the lens could be rotated 180 degrees so I could take a self-portrait. Needless to say I broke it and its subsequent warranty replacement. So I decided to upgrade to an Olympus 1 MP model. This one even had a flash. I was big time. That I followed up with a Minolta 2 MP monster, with a flash and a little bit of zoom. But that little bit of zoom made me thirsty for more zoom.


Then the 10x cameras hit the market. I had to have one. However, the finance guy had his own financial difficulties so I waited, patiently. And waited. And waited. Then, I walked into a CompUSA store which was going out of business and there it was. A Fujifilm 7 MP camera with 10x optical zoom. It was one of the old hybrids. It was some where between a point and shoot and a DSLR. I couldn’t change lenses but I had auto and manual modes. And 10x zoom. Well, I was off to photograph the world. Well, the world that was Manhattan... lol. And I took pictures and downloaded them, emailed them, got them printed on Snapfish and showed them to whoever would look at them. I liked them and got nice feedback from others on them so I kept snapping away. Then I said to myself, “Self, maybe you need to go outside of NYC and take some pictures. Hmmm.


My financial picture was getting better thanks to my Excel Budget and cold cuts sandwiches that I took to work. But, where to go?


Paris, that sounds good. I went to Liberty Travel and inquired and got a package in March which had to be paid off by August so I put a deposit down. Then I went about getting my passport. Every other payday I put down another payment and slowly paid off my trip. The time came; I bought some Euros and was on a plane to another country.


Landing in Paris I snapped my first picture of the Eiffel Tower from the cab on my ride to my hotel. I checked in and walked around the general area of my hotel, went back to my room, ordered room service and went to sleep because I knew I was getting up early the next day. When that time came, I had a quick bite to eat, got my map oriented by the lady at the front desk and headed to the Tower… along the way, passing what became my favorite building in Paris, the Invalides, which I stopped to photograph. Then, on to the Tower.


Did I mention that I love to walk? Well, on this day I think I walked the entire tourist section of Paris with the exception of Ile de la Cite and Ile Saint-Louis. I pretty much saw the outside of everything in Paris’ main area. And I photographed so much of it. Okay, I’d not been to Montmartre. But I did a lot of walking.


Since then I travelled more and upgraded my cameras a few more times. And those travels are what I bring to you.